Salesforce for Beginners/Dummies

CRM – Your tool to manage all critical customer information in one place and give you a circumspect view of your business. And the most sought after CRM tool – SalesForce. If you are a SalesForce newbie or are considering taking it up, there are a few bullet points you absolutely need to go through before taking up the course. Intelikore has decided to list them for you and make your job easier.

Salesforce, as such, is a database and there will be redundancy. There is, however, a method to eliminate duplicate records and you need to make it a point to delete repetitive records and merge duplicate data to keep all your records clean and updated.

A software is best learned when fiddled around with. Play around with the various UI components like drop-down boxes, tickers, sliders, radio buttons and familiarize yourself with the controls.

Salesforce gives another option called Books, which are a set of information about items, purchases, prices, etc. Keep them organized and without redundancies.

Customization – Both a boon and a bane. Personalization looks good only up to an extent. You can customize emails, forms and letterheads according to your company. But, also ensure that your design is uniform.

New Plugins, Widgets, updates; all of these and more. SalesForce has been consistently upgrading and you need to ensure that you are in the loop. Be aware of latest functionalities by following blogs, especially the official blog.

Make your own cheat sheet. Write down a list of what does what so that if you are ever lost, you need only to look at that list to get back again. Know the basic terms and understand the Site Navigation. It will make your learning a whole lot easier.


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